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Customer Testimonials

Gary, we should be an advertisement for you -Our OPPD level payment went from $300 to $133 in one year after we installed the new system. That is beyond our expectations. MUD went down quite a bit also -all in all I'm sure our bills are down $250/ month. -Bob


I have referred several people to SOS since they put in our unit. Our old unit went out 2 years ago (in August of course when the weather was at its summer peak). I called SOS for a bid -my parents have had a relationship with SOS dating back 35-40 years, so I was confident that they were the place to call.

Anyway, they came out, provided a good bid, and convinced me that a heat pump was the way to go. They were able to get the installation scheduled quickly and got us back to a cool house within a week. We went forward with the heat pump and have been extremely glad ever since. The new unit is extremely quiet and has worked very well both heating and cooling our house. I figured there would be some cost savings based on the OPPD commercials, but was not prepared for what we realized...

First off, we received a rebate from OPPD for installing the heat pump (I believe it was $250). SOS did all the paperwork so it was very easy on my part, and I got a check from OPPD within a few weeks of installing it.

Secondly, our gas bill has gone down dramatically. We have always been on the level-payment plan and it reset the month that we installed the unit (so the new monthly plan was based on the previous 12 month period). The following year when our new level payment amount was calculated, our gas bill went down by 1/3, and we received a refund check from the gas company for approximately $730 because we had overpaid for the year. Our monthly bill went from $160 to $108, and it remained at this level when it was reset the second year. Basically the cost savings combined with the OPPD rebate literally paid for the unit in the first year. I was shocked to say the least. I would not hesitate to recommend SOS to anyone, and as I mentioned, I've referred a number of people to them in the past couple of years. -Rich


Just wanted to let you know that we were very pleased with our installation on 12/6 and 12/7. Rick and Miguel were professional, courteous, and clean. We'll definitely recommend SOS to anyone that may need your service. -Matt


Thanks for sending Jim and John over to do the install. I don't know if you have more technicians like these, but they're the best I've had. They were courteous, knowledgeable, patient, and cleaned up after themselves. They even arrived on time, which seems to be a rarity these days. Just wanted to let you know.


Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with SOS and our new York system. Both MUD and OPPD have lowered our monthly level billing plans by $50.

Also, the service techs did a great job! Jim and Rudy were on time, friendly, and always cleaned up when they were done. They answered any questions in language I could understand. And Jon was easy to work with. He had competitive bids, along with flexible pay plans. Overall, we are very happy with the infinity series equipement and the service and professionalism of SOS. -Steve


Just wanted to say thank you for your great price on our heat pump and furnace. Chad and Andy worked very hard to install it. They were very polite and professional. Keep up the good work! We will certainly refer people to you. -Rex and Jennifer


I just wanted to write you and tell you how satisfied I am with your service and professionalism in installing my new Goodman high effecient furnace and heat pump. I am very happy with the installation and the service tech not only showed me how to run everything, but cleaned up better than the area was to begin with. It's now -5 degrees F and I'm nice and cozy with my nice, quiet new furnace. Let it snow! -Lesli


I want to thank you for getting our new air conditioner in so fast! I have Rheumatoid arthritis and the heat and humidity intensify my pain. So thank you! The servicemen Jim and Brandon were very nice and went above and beyond their "regular work" to see that I was happy. They moved bricks and dug up some dirt. More than I could of expected. You all were great! Nick Too! -The Simpsons


I want to thank SOS for installing our new heating and air conditioning units so fast. We are very happy with the York system. The suggestions to split our house into zones was wonderful and is working well. The duel stage heating system along with the zones will prove to be very efficient and economical this winter. The servicemen were very pleasant and went to extra efforts to make sure we were satisfied. I'm very happy that our neighbor referred us to SOS especially after our difficulties with another company. SOS is a super company with super people. -John and Tonie


We wanted to share with you that we are extremely pleased with all of the technicians invloved in the installation. We especially appreciated the work attitude and ethics of Rick who came last week to fix an installation problem that was holding up MUD approval. Rick arrived at our house at 5:00 PM, October 26th and worked until the job was finished. He did not ever complain about the lateness of the day, and we even asked him if he would prefer to come the next morning instead of working so late that day. Rick was a true professional and assured us that it was his pleasure to help and that it was no problem for him to work late to finish the job.


Thank you so much for the price and for being so prompt. You guys did a great job and didn't leave a speck of dirt or rust anywhere. Very impressive! The installation looked good, too. Thanks again to both you and Leroy. I appreciate it very much!!!

On 7/11, Wednesday, late aternoon we found our air conditioner was inoperable, made a phone call to your company, and were told we'd see a technician either on Thursday or possibly Friday. To my surprise on 7/12, at 10am I received a call your technician was on the way. Thank you for your prompt response.

When our service tech, Scott, arrived he was pleasant, respectful, and efficient. He made certain to wipe his feet before he walked on our carpet. While in the basement he efficiently checked the A/C unit, spent a few minutes explaining to me what he was doing, and walked me through some suggestions on upkeep of the unit. He came and went through our basement and fron door always being careful our dog wasn't let out.

Once he determined what the unit required he quickly made the necessary repairs, again explaining to me in detail what he was doing. He made certain the area was clean and everything back in place before he left. My husband wasn't home during the service call, so Scott kindly left his name and phone number in order for my husband to contact him if there were any questions.

He presented the bill in a professional manner again explaining the repairs and allowed us a senior discount and made certain I was aware of the 30 day warranty. When he called your office to get approval for the credit card your office staff was efficient and quick to approve. Scott suggested we have our 12 year old unit checked annually, which we will do.

Because of his polite demeaner and efficiency we will be using your company for all of our future needs relative to our heating/air. Scott should be commended for his work and for the professional manner in which he represents your company. -Patti